Long Term Care Insurance offing for members and their family members of Tau Beta Pi.






Is LTC Insurance financially appropriate for me?

Insurance may be the right solution, but it depends on your circumstances. In our experience as long term care financing

specialists, we recognize where the need may be greatest.

For example:

• If you have minimal assets, long term care insurance is inappropriate because the premiums would deplete those assets and you will likely qualify for Medicaid anyway.

• If you are independently wealthy and can pay for long term care yourself, the coverage may nevertheless be very attractive because the relatively modest premium makes sense when compared to the high costs of the care.

• If you have assets worth protecting, but are not independently wealthy, you need to get the facts about long term care insurance and consider this coverage as an alternative to paying for the care yourself.

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LTC Financial Partners, LLC is licensed to sell long term care insurance.

No such solicitations or sales are performed by Tau Beta Pi.