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What exactly does long term care mean?

Generally, long-term care is the care people need when they can't perform the tasks of ordinary living independently. It isn't a subject that most of us care to dwell on. Planning for long-term care expenses is crucial.  Failure to plan can cause you to be unprepared for the high expenses of long-term care.

As you plan for retirement, you ask yourself questions about how you'd like to maintain your lifestyle, your independence and your health.  Similar issues are at stake as you plan for the possibility of long-term care expenses.  Like retirement planning, long-term care planning can determine whether you'll be able to make choices based on your quality of life preferences or based on financial necessity.  

The number of individuals providing care to someone age 18 and over is growing. According to Caregiving in the US, a survey conducted in 2005 by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, 21% of the adult U.S. population are caregivers

A Common Mistake is Waiting too long to Learn About Long Term Care Insurance

If long term care insurance is right for you, waiting can cost you a significant

amount of money. Here are five reasons why waiting is risky:

By considering long term care now, while you are younger and in good health, you are likely to have a wider choice of insurance companies.

Will Medicare Pay Fore Long term Care?

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